Using a Calculator
Using a Calculator
Airdate February 1, 2008
Curriculum Math

Using a Calculator is a BrainPOP episode launched on February 1, 2008.


At the beginning of the plot, Tim is doing a parody of Star Trek seeing Moby being told that computers are down.

At the end, Tim has met a six-eyed alien or octopus but Moby said the shield's already up to 195 minutes, because he's sorry about what Moby's saying before, and not a knucklehead.


  • Tim as Starfleet engineering officer
  • Moby as Starfleet tactical officer
  • An anonymous alien or octopus


  • This is one of the BrainPOP episodes not to start off with Tim reading a letter.
  • This is one of the BrainPOP episodes to take place in Star Trek.

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