Hi guys, it's Tim here.

I am now about to be 20 years of age in this coming October. I wanted to post here so I could share my college experience with all of you.

Since both of my bitches, Rita and Cassie attend the same college that I do, it has been a fun ride. We have had many orgies together, and it has become a daily routine for us to do so. I love motorboating Rita's big ass tits, but I also love screwing Cassie in her tight vagina. I swear, every time they see me, they like to pay attention to my dick! It's like it converses with them through ejaculations and such. I enjoy getting my dick sucked by these two, as my dick vibrates every time they walk across in their skin-tight denim shorts. I just want to grab their asses and eat them like pork.

Well, you're probably thinking who I prefer over the two. Rita has huge breasts that I like to suck milk out of, while Cassie has a tight vagina that I like to use as a fleshlight most of them time, so I would say that I like both of them.

Okay, that is all for now, see you soon!

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