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Personal Information

Hair: Brown
Eye color: Black
Height: 5'1
Weight: 105 lb
Birthday: September 11, 1997


Unamed Mother
Unamed Father
Unamed Grandmother
Unamed Grandfather
Timothy (Great Grandfather)
Unamed Father
Unamed Grandmother
Great, Great, Great Uncle
Moby (Friend)
Cassie (Friend)
Rita (Friend)

"Dear Tim and Moby..."
-Tim's introduction


Tim is a troubled and very smart middle school/high school scholar; and often is dragged into trouble by his friend, Moby, because of his reckless actions to Tim or someone else's property. These two are part of the BrainPOP community, answering letters of children having trouble and/or interested in a certain topic. Tim usually answers these letters very, very clearly, and at the end. 


  • The design on Tim's white t-shirt always matches the topic of the episode.
  • Recently, Tim's design changed. His hair has now different shades of brown, and his ears have depth.
  • He also seems to get mad at Moby at the end of each movie.
  • He seems to be serious and has a love interest in Rita.

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