Moby wearing an antenna hat

Season 19
Episode 2
Airdate December 4, 2006
Curriculum Science

Thunderstorms is a BrainPOP episode launched on December 4, 2006.


The movie starts out as a storm is a coming. After the storm came, Tim was about to go out kite flying, then it started raining becoming a thunderstorm as Tim says "Well, that wrecks that plan." So they do some letters instead. Tim chooses one at random, and he was lucky that he chose the one about thunderstorms as he says "Hey, what do you know?"

During a thunderstorm, you must stay away from water, tall structures, trees, and metal objects like golf clubs or even Moby.

At the end, Moby wears an antenna as a hat, but Tim thinks it's not a good idea, Moby does so, and Tim calls back to Moby if this antenna hat's not working unless of connecting to the ground.


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