Airdate May 20, 2007
Curriculum Engineering & Tech

Telephone is an episode of BrainPOP aired on May 20, 2007.


While Tim is waiting for a call, Moby is busy chatting away with Crusher. Moby blows a bubble with gum he is chewing, and it pops, releasing a letter. Tim grabs it, and sees the letter asks how telephones work. He then describe how telephones work and how they send signals.

At about three-fourths of the way through the episode, Tim demonstrates how he and the person he is talking with can talk at the same time, by saying "La la la" repeatedly while an annoyed Crusher beeps. Crusher then slams his phone onto the base station, breaking it. Tim then goes on to explain different phone types and frequencies. After he is done explaining, Crusher come in and slams Moby's phone off of it's base station and then eats the phone. This starts an argument between the two, while Tim leaves.


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