Sun Protection
Sun Protection
Airdate February 2, 2006
Curriculum Health

Sun Protection is a BrainPOP episode.


The movie starts out with Moby reading a book until Tim comes in finding Moby as he said "Moby! Where are you, you big orange goon?" Tim finds him and Moby starts laughing from his beeping, but Tim says "No, I don't think it's funny at all! I'm burnt to a crisp, but I smell like a baked potato!" At the end, Tim asks Moby if he'd replace ointment with cottage cheese.


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Sun Protection FYI

Cassie on the phone.

Cassie is on the phone with Mrs. Shire while in her green bikini and the message on her back says "I heart Lincoln".

Cassie: Hello, Mrs. Shire. May I speak to Lincoln, please?