Season 1
Airdate April 11, 2000
Curriculum Health

Steroids is a BrainPOP episode released on April 11, 2000.


Tim and Moby are on the field playing football, Tim throws a football to Moby and catches it as Tim walks back and says that he's open, Moby throws it to him. Tim catches it, but it's a crumpled piece of paper which turns out to be a letter about what steroids are.

After reading the letter, Tim and Moby explains what steroids are and what they do like growing and fighting disease. Tim also says that doctors even sometimes use natural and synthetic steroids as medications to treat problems like arthritis, acne, and severe pain.

After explaining about steroids, Tim and Moby goes back to playing football. Tim tells Moby to throw the football to Tim. Moby does so, but throws the football into space. After Tim saw the football be flown into space, he says "Yeah, I think that's why robots are banned from sports, too."


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