Setting Goals
Setting Goals
Season 17
Airdate December 2, 2015
Curriculum English

Setting Goals is a BrainPOP episode launched on December 2, 2015.


The video starts off with the doorbell ringing. Tim answers the door to find Bruiser, Crusher, and Little Jimmy. Tim tells Moby that his running group's here. But Moby has other plans by sitting on the couch watching TV and eating popcorn. Moby points to the screen, but Tim says that he can't ditch his friends for his favorite TV show. Little Jimmy quickly comes to the scene and pulls a piece of paper out of the popcorn. Crusher turns the TV off, with Tim explaining the work you need to do in one day. Tim reminds Moby the reason why he joined the race, with Moby picturing himself finishing a 3km race. Crusher (or Bruiser) then gets a whiteboard to write down the goal. Tim then said to Moby that he can run half of a kilometer, and as he gets faster, he can go run farther. Moby wanted to do it all day, but Tim reminded him about doing it when he has stuff like homework. So Moby decided to do it the day after. Tim then talks about friend goals, where they celebrate together and help each other. Then a running montage happens as the days skip to June 21st, the day of the race. They ended up winning, but leave when Tim says that they should challenge themselves even more.



This movie was created after a poll about what life skills BrainPOP should do next. The three movies, Personal Hygiene, Setting Goals, and Conducting an Interview were the winners.

Moby's favorite show involves a superhero.

The episode takes place on May 8th and June 21st (if you don't count the montage).

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