Airdate November 20, 2005
December 8, 2013 (Remake)
Curriculum Engineering & Tech

Robots is an episode of BrainPOP.


While Moby is playing with R2-D2 and C-3PO toys, Tim gets a letter, asking what robots are. After explaining what robots are and using Moby as an example, Tim starts saying random gibberish, only for Moby to deactivate him, reavaling that he was a robot. The REAL Tim shows up and asks if Moby had seen a letter about robots, with Moby saying he didn't.



When the Tim robot malfunctions towards the end of the episode, he sings part of the song 'I'll Be Seeing You'.


In the end of the movie, when Tim, offscreen, asked Moby asked about the letter about Robots, Moby winks.

More examples of robots are includes in this remake including Kismat, Pino, Candarm2.

Like with all of the other movies, this movie includes Tim speaking slower.

The robot Tim's voice is more robotic and his eyes are red. Instead of Moby taking off the Tim robot's head, Moby takes off his face.

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