Personal Info Hair color: Black
Physical features:
Glasses, pink T-shirt with cat, orange jeans
Family Little Brother
Friends Cassie (Best friend)
Tim (Boyfriend)

Rita is a teenage girl who appears in the FYI section (also making cameos in a few episodes) of BrainPOP. She tends to be more intelligent and mature than Cassie, who also is her girlfriend. She is voiced by Jessica DiCicco.

It appears she is a vegetarian, as seen in the FYI comic of the episode Thanksgiving. She is seen waving a bell, dressed as a turkey, and standing beside a stand that says "Turkey's have feelings too!" and another that says "Just say NO to turkey!", while Cassie is walking by, carrying a turkey, and calling Rita a "killjoy".

In the episode Body Scans, it is revealed that Rita has a cat named Pickle.




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