Airdate May 8, 2007
September 27, 2017 (Remake)
Curriculum English
Engineering & Tech

Plagiarism is a BrainPOP English and Technology video launched on May 8, 2007.

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The mailman arrived with a memory card and Tim puts it in Moby's ear. Tim answers a letter about plagiarism to Iris. Tim discusses stealing or copying/pasting someone's homework during class. After discussing it, Tim plagiarized Moby for lifting that of your blog and a red giant F is shown at the end of the video. Tim sighs

Update Edit

Moby was dreaming, But then... he had a nightmare, and Tim said he needs to get something off his chest! At the end, Tim plagiarized and A Giant F appears and Tim sighs again because he plagiarized Moby.


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Dr. Phil McGraw

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