Transcript Edit

(Scene: At the Zoo with Tim and Moby)

Moby: Beep.

Tim: No. He's not your friend. Those friends were other lions.

Moby: Beep?

Tim: No. I don't think he wants to make friends with the zebras. I think he wants to, like, eat them.

(when Tim has 3 pounds of meat to 5 lions)

Moby: Beep!

Tim: I-I can't just throw 100 pounds of meat in there! The lions might get sick!

Tim: Okay, Moby. Toss 'em in there!

(when they arrive at the ocean with 4 dolphins)

Tim (fetching 24 fish): Here you go, guys!

Moby: Beep.

Tim: How do I know that 6 x 4 = 24?

(they arrive at the jungle with 3 chimps)

Tim: Okay, Moby. 21 bananas, please! (Moby tosses the bananas to the chimps.) 7, 14 and 21 are all multiples of 7. You'll be multiplying like a pro in no time! Okay, what's next on the list? (notices clipboard) Feed Moby one million energon cubes. Well, this isn't Uncle Phil's handwriting.

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