Season 4
Airdate June 7, 2005
Curriculum Science

Metamorphosis is an episode of BrainPOP aired on June 7, 2005.


The movie starts out as Tim enjoying the outdoors as he sees Moby with a net about to catch a butterfly as Moby sees it, but after the butterfly went through Tim and Moby tried to catch it, the net caught Tim's head, Tim wasn't impressed. Tim and Moby starts talking about a change from caterpillar to butterfly that is a metamorphosis, Tim says that butterflies and mealworms go through a complete metamorphosis.

After the butterfly emerges from the pupa shell as an adult and Tim talked about the adult butterfly looking different from the original larva, Moby tries to catch the butterfly again, but misses. They go talking about the dragonfly that is different because dragonflies undergo incomplete metamorphosis. The dragonfly starts out as an egg, then it hatches into a nymph, all the way to an adult dragonfly.

In the end, Moby now tries to catch a dragonfly, but misses, only for the dragonfly to hit him in the head multiple times. When Moby asks Tim for help, but he turns it down and says "I'm not helping you. You were asking for it."



  • Complete metamorphosis takes up to several weeks.
  • Incomplete metamorphosis takes up to two years.

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