Airdate June 19, 2007
Curriculum Social Studies
Arts & Music

Jazz is an episode of BrainPOP that aired June 19, 2007.


Moby brings in a musical robot. Tim then asks if it could play the new One Direction song. The musical robot blows a raspberry out of its mouth so Moby shakes his head. Tim then asks if it could also play something by Taylor Swift. The musical robot makes a raspberry noise with its mouth so Moby shrugs his shoulders. The robot then plays Jazz music, and Tim realizes that it's a Jazz-bot. Tim then explains Jazz with the help of the Jazz-bot. At the end, Tim excuses himself to download "disposable pop music". The Jazz-bot then stuns him with a laser, making him immobile. Tim then vows that the Jazz-bot will pay for that. It then continues playing Jazz.


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