Airdate November 14, 2004

Remake: February 26, 2016

Curriculum Engineering & Tech

Flight is an episode of BrainPOP aired on November 14, 2004.


Moby is standing on the roof, with the pair of wings also shown in Leonardo Da Vinci, and jumps off. Tim then reads the letter and proceeds to answer it with concepts like lift, thrust, drag, and gravity. He and Moby go in a plane with Barbara the pilot to explain how a plane is driven. Moby asks for a dive, and the plane dives, leaving Tim feeling sick and eventually throws up once on land.




  • Some of the changes in the remake are the following:
    • Barbara's appearance is changed.
    • When Tim and Moby leave the plane, the airport is shown.
    • Tim doesn't barf on-screen.

Goofs Edit

  • When Tim says "the elevators on the tail lower, the nose drops" his mouth moves upside down.
  • Tim barfs on-screen. Moby trades him a barf bag.


The plane Tim flies in at the end of the movie bears the Rebel Alliance insignia from the popular Star Wars franchise.


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