Fact and Opinion
Fact and Opinion
Airdate April 24, 2013
Curriculum English

Fact and Opinion is a BrainPOP movie that aired on April 24, 2013.



The movie starts with Tim dressed up like a TV show host hosting a show called Inside Access. Moby gives him a letter, asking about Facts & Opinions. Tim & Moby talk about facts & opinions. At the end of the movie, Tim is about to continue explaining, the ending credits appear & Tim walks away, frustrated.


(Title card reads: INSIDE access)

Tim: Hey there, & welcome to the Hollywood Awards Edition of "INSIDE Access"! Last night's ceremony was the shortest ever, clockin' about just 7 hours!(Moby walks inside the programme.)

Moby: Beep!

Tim: Oh C'mon, Moby! We don't have time for a letter now!

Moby: Beep!

Tim: But wouldn't people hear about red carpet do's & dont's?(Moby beeps again)Oh, all right.

Tim: Alright, NOW BACK 2 THE AWARDS!(The ending credits appear)OH! C'MON!!! We never got to discuss best picture, or who's wearing what or_(Moby beeps) Ahhh...forget 'em.


Transcript Edit

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