Digital Animation
Digital Animation
Season 8
Episode 1
Airdate September 4, 2006
Curriculum Arts & Music
Engineering & Tech

Digital Animation is a BrainPOP episode that aired on September 4, 2006.


Tim is playing on his computer, until he gets a letter about digital animation. Tim talks about how they make a BrainPOP movie. Then Avraham Kadar, the founder of BrainPOP, tells them they need more feeling for the next line. He talks about Flash animation and tweening. Then Tim shows us the BrainPOP website in 2006. Tim walks away, and Moby decides to watch the episode they just made.


Inside jokesEdit

  • During the part about storyboards, you can see pictures from this episode.
  • When Tim tells us BrainPOP is made with 2D animation, many icons from previous episode can be seen.