Season 4
Episode 1
Airdate March 7, 2001
Curriculum Engineering & Tech

This BrainPOP movie Cyberbullying is aired on March 7, 2001.


Moby is using spray paint to spray himself green, and Tim thinks Moby is a cyberbully, and Tim learns the lesson about why cyberbullying is very bad, terrible, horrific, talking doesn't work - block or ignore functions are available, blogs, names, and deleting all your fun stuff.


Transcript Edit

(Moby feels so gloomy, then uses spray paint spraying himself green until Tim pulls Moby's arm.)

Tim: Hey! What are you doing?

Moby: Beep.

Tim: Well…who told you that? (holds out a mobile phone and reads it) "Dear Moby, you are the ugliest shade of orange you've ever seen. Get a clue, weirdo! A friend."

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