Airdate March 7, 2001

Remake: November 6, 2016

Curriculum Engineering & Tech

This BrainPOP movie Cyberbullying is aired on March 7, 2001.


Moby is using spray paint to spray himself green, and Tim thinks Moby is a cyberbully but no friend at all, and Tim learns the lesson about why cyberbullying is very bad, terrible, horrific, talking doesn't work - block or ignore functions are available, blogs, names, and deleting all your fun stuff.


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  • Sharky11 is seen in the chat room when Tim describes it.

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(Moby feels so gloomy, then uses spray paint spraying himself green until Tim pulls Moby's arm.)

Tim: Hey! What are you doing?

Moby: Beep.

Tim: Well…who told you that? (holds out a mobile phone and reads it) "Dear Moby, you are the ugliest shade of orange you've ever seen. Get a clue, weirdo! A friend."

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