Rita as Cleopatra
Season 5
Airdate April 7, 2007
Curriculum Social Studies

Cleopatra is a BrainPOP episode that aired April 7, 2007.



  • Tim as Mark Antony
  • Moby as Julius Caesar
  • Rita as Cleopatra
  • Gary, Jr. as Octavian

FYI comicEdit

Cleopatra FYI

Rita dressed like Cleopatra as her role.

Cassie told Rita about Cassie being Cleopatra because Cassie said that she's supposed to be the cute one, but for Cleopatra, cute doesn't cut it.

Cassie: How come you get to be Cleopatra? I'm supposed to be the cute one!

Rita: For Cleopatra, cute just doesn't cut it!

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