Bicycle Safety
Bicycle Safety
Airdate August 27, 2011
Curriculum Health
Engineering & Tech

Bicycle Safety is an episode of BrainPOP and can be found in Engineering & Tech and Health.


Tim is shown riding his bike on a sunny day, when Moby crashes his into a couple more robots. He gives Tim a letter, saying someone wants to learn how to ride her bike safely. First, Tim explains how your handlebars on your bike must be at the exact height of your seat, and you must wear a helmet and a bright-colored vest like Cassie for example. While Moby is still riding his bike, Tim then explains about the rules of the road, and using turn signals. If there's a bicycle lane, stay inside that; but if there isn't one, you need to stay on the right side of the road so cars can pass you on the left.

You should also stay alert and not get distracted by noisy electronics. To be safe, you need to be aware of your surroundings. You can also learn some hand signals to let people know when you're turning like Moby for example. At the end, Moby comes back explaining to Tim that his helmet is messing up his hair; he takes of his helmet, revealing his is indeed messed up. Tim tells Moby that it doesn't matter since he has hair, so Moby puts on a wig as a joke, but his piece does not impress him.


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(Tim was riding on his bike until Bruiser and Crusher pulls over.)

Tim: (after pulled over by Bruiser and Crusher) Hey! Watch where you're going! (Little Jimmy pulls over too.) Gee wiz! Don't you know how to signal? (Moby pulls over by honking his horn.) Pass on the left, not the right! (A loud crashing sound is right) And that's what you get for ignoring the rules of the road.



Running gag: Whenever Moby does not follow Tim's bicycle safety, he will end up crashing.